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Interview Guide

Recruitment Consultants

Companies Data Base

This is comprehensive Guide to interview and best desgined by highly qualified HR Management Professionals. The Guide will enable you to secure success in the interview. Available in word and PDF.

Price USD 35
Get Full access to region's top recruitment consultants and secure best job with them.

Price USD 20
Get full access to entire companies working in Saudi Arabia in all sectors and industry including top 100 companies of the GCC. Submit your credentials for bright future.

Price USD 100

Excel in the Excel

Financial Tools

Reporting Templates

Get full pakage of financial tools and enhance your skills and shine yourself in your organization, we offer you:

  • Financial Calculators in excel
  • Loan and amortization calculator 
  • Comprehensive Budgeting Template including Revenue schedules, grwoth drivers, revenue drivers, Cost schedules with cost drivers, marketing and G & A Schedule wiht analysis, CAPEX Model, Audit Built Trail Balance, Balance Sheet, Direct and indirect Cash Flow Statements
  • Financial Analysis
  • Financial Health Analysis
  • Networth Calculators
  • Business and Company Valuation Modle

Price USD 250 (Complete Package) 
Get well desgined and original Reports for your knowledge and capacity building in one pakage, it includes:

  • Internal Audit Reports and entire reporting mechanism 
  • Risk Based Internal Audit Plan
  • Fraud Identification Techniques and template 
  • Fraud identification techniques at financial statement level
  • Audit Programs and Prcedures

Price USD 150
Get in depth knowledge in MS Excel and enhance your technical skills, shine yourself out of the others. We provide you more than 500 functions of MS Excel for Financial Reporting, Business Planning, Scenario Management and Financial Modeling.

Price USD 65