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Just getting started in your career? Often it is difficult to put an attention-getting resume together when you are just starting out. Employers want some demonstrated expertise in potential new employees. As an entry-level applicant, you are at a disadvantage because of your limited professional experience. Our writers can help you capitalize on the experience you do have. Using information you provide on volunteer work, course work, and relevant skills developed at any previously held positions, your writer will construct

As an executive, you have been responsible for the essential functions at the institutions where you have previously worked. Presenting your abilities in a way that will properly attract an employer and show that you are a good fit can be very difficult. The writer assigned to your resume will craft the necessary approach for the employers you wish to target. Your resume will present your credentials, accomplishments, and expertise in the best possible light to land you an invite to an interview.
A professional resume that details skills, credentials, and abilities relevant to the next rung in your career ladder is necessary to attract prospective employers. The resume is one of the most important tools in your job search. The professional resume attracts the attention of an employer by assuring them that you meet the requirements for their open position.A poorly-constructed resume or one that doesn't place the proper focus on your abilities can very easily disqualify you. However, it can prove difficult to put a good resume together. With a copy of your current resume and questionnaire, our writers can help construct you a resume that's perfect for you. 
Resume Packages
Resume Packages
Resume Packages

Business Management Consulting Services

Accounting & Book Keeping

Corporate Development

Employment Guide

We offer our members full access to:

  • Interview coaching and techniques
  • Large database of industrial and commercial companies
  • Linked In Profile Building
  • Access to top recuritment consultants 
  • Regular Job Opportunities update and newsletters 
We assist you to get business grwoth by:
  • On site outsourced professional accounting staff 
  • Timely and accurate availability of financial information
  • Client staff trainaing 
  • Timely and accurate financial projections 
  • Management and Financial Reporting 
  • Management Dashboard
We assist you in corporate development:
  • Designing and implementation of internal control system
  • Designing of corporate reporting 
  • Designing of Financial and Management Reporting 
  • Designing of HR reporting
  • Formulation of Operational Policies and Procedures
  • Formulation of Financial Policies and Procedures 
  • Performance Management 
  • Organizational Objective Setting & KPIs
  • Formulation of Mission and Vission Statement of the Organization 

Organizational Capacity Building

Corporate Restructuring 

We assist you to enahance your productivity and profitbality through capacity building of your team by:
  • Time Management 
  • Meeting & Negotiation Skills 
  • Task Integration and cost networking
  • Finance for Non-Finance Managers
  • Financial Modeling Training 
  • Budgeting and Monitoring Training 
  • Financial Feasibilities Preparation Training
We assist you to restructure and right size your organization to optimize your resources through:
  • Head Count Audit and right sizing of Organization
  • Formation of Internal Audit Department
  • Formualtion of Pre Audit Function
  • Development of Finance Department 
  • Segmentaion and team formation
  • Implementation of PIZZA Team Concept
  • Development of HR department and designing of Job Description for Entire Organization

​IT Services 

We Provide you:
  • Website Development Services
  • ERP Selection Consultation 
  • Consultation for Internal Controls and Financial Management under ERP Envoirnment 
  • Consultation and implementation of SAGE X3 ERP
  • Consultation and Implementation of Quicbooks ERP
  • Consultation and implementation of Tally ERP
  • Consultation and implementation of SAGE 50 ERP
  • Complete solution for Restuarant Management 
  • Point of sales Solution at all kinds of stores and restuarants 
  • Business Intelligence Dashboards and Solutions
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