Resume Ingredients  

Evaluate Your Resume

A professionally developed resume has become an art which works under statistical formulas. A well designed professional resume contains 20 ingredients with total score of 100 and each ingredient has its own score. These ingredients are impassioned norms, saleable appearance, ability to attract, Language, personal branding, 10 S Test, Goal seek, technical skills. Bell curve position, leadership, ATS Position, Success Stories, resume sections, drafting and intellectual skills. Your resume is evaluated based on these ingredients and scored accordingly. In each job applied you are about to compete 250 candidates of the same profile and hence your probability to get noticed is just 0.4%

Based on the score your CV has achieved, your PDI (Professional Development Index) and CPI (Career Development Index) is calculated. These scores help to determine your Statistical Ratio of getting interview call and Probability to get Job Offer. If your resume is developed professionally your chances to meet minimum standards are increased significantly. The Minimum standard of Statistical Ratio of Interview Call is 1:0.5 and getting Job offer Minimum Standard Probability is 32%.