Whom we Serve
We have introduced a unique concept to serve both the corporate clients and individuals, we are offering vide range of services from personal branding to corporate restructuring.
Individual Clients
We are focusing job seekers and employees as our individual clients, we experienced that most of the job seekers do not get their dream job or forced to accept the job at the terms of the employer, the major reason, most of the professionals are best at their function but they cannot portray their skills in a fashion to brand themselves as above standards, we assist our fresh graduates to develop their resume to ensure that they should not be dropped out, we craft Mid-Career resumes to Executive Profile and lead the Executive Profiles to C-Suit.
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Corporate Clients
We serve our corporate clients to develop the organizations through capacity building and performance management. Merticstream Inc US recently issued a report detailing that on average organization loses it’s 5% revenue yearly due to the incompetence of the working structure or weakness in the structure, the loss of the organization some time exceeds due to fraudulent activities caused by ineffective internal controls, inappropriate accounting system, lack of transparency in ERP, departmental incompetency or absence of performance management system.

We assist our clients to mitigate all these problems through:

  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Right Sizing
  • Internal controls implementation
  • Operational Policies and Procedures
  • Financial Advisory
  • Budgeting and Monitoring Training
  • HR training
  • Setting of Organizational, Departmental and Individual Objectives and KPIs
  • Performance Management System
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